is a great way for non-profit organizations to consolidate their constituent and donor information in one place. Many organizations have struggled to find a solution to issuing Canada Revenue Agency compliant tax receipts for their donations.

Until now.

Seamless Receipts is a tool for that issues Canada Revenue Agency compliant tax receipts. Receipts can be issued to the Contact or Account, and they can be queued for immediate receipting or end of year receipting. Multiple donations can be included in a single receipt.

To get started with the latest version:

  • Install the package in your sandbox or developer environment by going to:
  • Watch the instructional video:
    Note: Instructions on creating a new VisualForce page (3:45 – 4:15) are wrong! The namespace must be included… see the sample template at the bottom of this page.
  • Contact me for instructions and pricing, and I will help you install the package in your production environment. The app is free for organizations reporting <$100,000 worth of receipted donations in their last CRA filing.

To access the old version of the app (no customization templates):

  1. Get the basic version of the app by downloading it from the AppExchange
  2. Watch this Youtube demo on setting up and using the app.

Sample PDF Template

<apex:page standardController="TaxReceiptsNPSP__Tax_Receipt__c" extensions="TaxReceiptsNPSP.Receipt_Code" renderas="PDF" > 
  <br>{!TaxReceiptsNPSP__Tax_Receipt__c.TaxReceiptsNPSP__City__c}, {!TaxReceiptsNPSP__Tax_Receipt__c.TaxReceiptsNPSP__Province__c}</br>

  <br>Year donation received: {!TaxReceiptsNPSP__Tax_Receipt__c.TaxReceiptsNPSP__Donation_Year__c}</br> 
  <br>Amount of gift: $<apex:outputText value="{0, number,###,##0.00}"><apex:param value="{!TaxReceiptsNPSP__Tax_Receipt__c.TaxReceiptsNPSP__Donation_Amount__c}" /></apex:outputText></br> 
  <br>Personal benefit amount: $<apex:outputText value="{0, number,###,##0.00}"><apex:param value="{!TaxReceiptsNPSP__Tax_Receipt__c.TaxReceiptsNPSP__Personal_Benefit_Amount__c}" /></apex:outputText></br> 
  <br>Eligible amount of gift: $<apex:outputText value="{0, number,###,##0.00}"><apex:param value="{!TaxReceiptsNPSP__Tax_Receipt__c.TaxReceiptsNPSP__Amount__c}" /></apex:outputText></br> 

  <br>Receipt rationale: {!TaxReceiptsNPSP__Tax_Receipt__c.TaxReceiptsNPSP__Receipt_Rationale__c}</br> 
  <br>Comments: {!TaxReceiptsNPSP__Tax_Receipt__c.TaxReceiptsNPSP__Comments__c}</br>